Why you should use Vue.js for front-end develovpment?

Well, for developing web UI frontend there are several JavaScript frameworks and many of them are in use for quite some time. But, in recent times VueJS has emerged as the most efficient JavaScript framework for web UI development. This is simply because the framework is more equipped and efficient with respect to incorporating the design elements than any other JavaScript frameworks. But before you hire a Vuejs development company, it would be great to know the key strengths of the framework. 

What is Vue.js

VueJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that follows MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey conducted in 2019, it stands as the most popular JavaScript framework as of now. If you need to hire a front-end developer for your app or web UI project, VueJS comes as the obvious winning option. The framework is now available with the 2.6 version update. 

Characteristics of Vue.js

To understand the popularity of the VueJS framework it is important to have a comprehensive view of all the key characteristics that it comes loaded with. Let’s have a quick look at the key characteristics of VueJS.

1. Virtual DOM

Vue.js works with Virtual DOM and thanks to this any change in the code instead of being directly reflected on the DOM, a replica of the DOM is created with a JavaScript data structure. Thanks to the use of this replicated JavaScript structure, designers have a bigger scope of experimenting with UI design. 

2. Data Binding

Thanks to the data binding feature it becomes easier for the developers to create specific values for HTML attributes, change the style, and use binding direction referred to as v-bind.

3. Using Animation

Vue.js helps developers with a multitude of ways to implement transition and animation elements to HTML at the time of updating anything from the DOM. Thanks to this feature, adding it also becomes easier to add third-party animation libraries. 

4. Computing capabilities

Thanks to the VueJS framework, computing capabilities can easily be utilized to evaluate the changes in the UI design. Thanks to this feature, additional computed features can easily be incorporated without any line of extra coding.

5. Computing capabilities

Vue.js comes with an HTML-based template that can bring together DOM with the Vue instance data. It helps to compile into the virtual DOM functions HTML templates. This helps make the process of UI development easier.

Now that the key features and the corresponding value proposition of the VueJS framework are explained, let us explain the most important reasons to choose VueJS for web UI development.

Most Important Reasons To Choose VueJS

6. Future-Ready Solution

After building and deploying an app, bug fixing, new feature integration, and continuous enhancements are necessary as part of the app maintenance. Vue.js when building and updating an app helps with optimum backward compatibility. 

VueJS app projects do not need refactoring also quite often and this further helps in freeing a good chunk of resources.

7. Flexibility

Vue.js is a highly flexible and scalable framework compared to most other JavaScript frameworks. This allows the framework to be utilized for building large and modular 

Single Page Apps (SPA) apart from building small application parts for reusing them in a different project. 

8. Useful Conventions

As writing boilerplate code consumes a lot of time and resources, Vue.js can offer an ideal solution to get rid of this. The framework coming loaded with a lot of built-in solutions and helpful conventions saves a lot of development efforts. It also offers great support for an array of native development tasks such as animation, state management and using ready components. 

9. Developer Friendly Framework

Developers find Vue.js a great framework for not only the features but also for the unparalleled ease of development the framework ensures. It comes with a CLI (command-line interface) that makes starting an app project extremely easier. This CLI is a lot more flexible and user-friendly than that of other frameworks. 

It also comes with a fully-fledged graphical interface that doesn’t require using cryptic commands into the terminal. There are also several other tools for the Vue developers such as nuxt.js which are meta-framework for universal applications, Vue Storefront, an advanced PWA for e-commerce and Vuetify, a Material Design component framework for Vue. 

10. Performance Boosting

In case you have an app project that requires a performance boost, rewriting the app with VueJS can just be the ideal solution. It is a progressive framework that can be incorporated into your codebase gradually over a period of time. Instead of reworking on the app project at one go, you can build the app with an approach of taking care of one component at one time. 

11. Tested and Tried By the Best In Industries

VueJS has a robust developer community and several high-performance apps and web UIs have been built using VueJS. Some of the leading brands that find VueJS highly useful include media company NBC and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). So, when it comes to popular examples across niches, VueJS really stands way ahead of most other JavaScript frameworks. 


As a JavaScript framework VueJS us here to stay and prosper through a variety of JavaScript projects. No wonder, within just a few years of its launch, Vue became one of the most loved frameworks in the world.

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